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ANNOUNCE: Razor-qt 0.4.0

We are glad to announce the release of Razor-qt 0.4.0, after a months of development since the last release:

Last weeks of development were dedicated to overall stability – the Razor team will focus on new features in the new release phase.

Also we’d like to receive any valuable feedback. And many more – contributors are welcomed too.

About Razor-qt

Razor-qt is an advanced, easy-to-use, and fast desktop environment based on Qt technologies. It has been tailored for users who value simplicity, speed, and intuitive interface. Unlike desktop environments, Razor-qt also works fine with weak machines.

razor screenshot

razor screenshot

New in Razor-qt 0.4

New components

  • azor-runner program, a tool for launching applications.
  • razor-config* tools.
  • qtxdg a standalone library for XDG standards in Qt available for 3rd party applications.
  • razor own menu (XDG standard).

Overall changes

many bugfixes and small improvements.

  • huge memory leaks fixed
  • improved support for main menu.
  • improved translation support.
  • added Polish translation.
  • new black a-mego theme.


  • configuration dialogs
  • new “Removable media” plugin. Is a plugin for mounting and unmounting removable storages using udisks.
  • new “screensaver/lock screen” plugin.
  • new “show/restore desktop” plugin.
  • drag’n’drop support for quicklaunch plugin.


  • default applications and environment variables settings.

openSUSE and SLE repositories for TOra and Oracle stuff

Have you ever asked: “how I can install TOra or Oracle client for my favourite language into my suse system?”

It was always a pain mainly due the brilliant Oracle licensing policy. Now it should be a little bit easier – just because I started special repositories with Oracle related packages.

Now it contains:

  • TOra, universal DB development/admin tool, stable version
  • TOra development snapshot
  • python-cx_Oracle, Python bindings to Oracle
  • php5-pecl-oci8, PHP binding to Oracle
  • misc packages required to build software mentioned above

Of course there can be more – I’m open to suggestions (and contributions too of course).

Please, follow the instruction on the main page of the project.

Kdesvn for KDE4

Kdesvn is heading back to town. And now I’m talking about KDE4 downtown.

Do you remember my last KDE related post? Yep, that one warmly accepted? There was my so called list with negative points of KDE4 from my point of view. Now I’m glad that I can strikeout one more item from this list.

One loud fanfare ended with grandiose coda, please…

It’s few hours ago and now we have Kdesvn compilable with KDE4 libraries.

The first run.

Woohoo! Cheers to Rajko, the author and Kdesvn maintainer. Due to his fast commits it’s getting better and better every minute. (note: not every minute for sure, but it’s a hyperbole. A hyperbole that we novelists are using every hour)

So. What you can get in this state of code?

  • cool Qt4/KDE4 interface with Q3Support/KDE3 legacy modules required
  • random crashes included!
  • punkrock-like build scripts
  • no binary packages in our repositories yet (buildservice etc.)

OK, it’s not finished and it shouldn’t be used for real work yet, but I have to share one of good news – comparing to last dark days of my life.

KDE4 rules… better said will do one day

I’m brave man sometimes. You know, no coward nor chicken. So you know why I replace KDE4:STABLE with KDE4:UNSTABLE on my desktop machine. And voila — cool KDE4 has been ready after lunch (beans and sausages, realy healthy meal for hardcore workers). There is only one thing to say: “it’s much more better than its 4.0 sibling. Yep, it can be used now. Beer for all developers.” (OK, it’s three things to say to be exact).

My cool KDE4-trunk desktop

Of course you have to set some things to polish it after “vanilla” installation. First – to switch off text under icons because it’s stupid. Second – switch off rubber windows to prevent beans (menioned above) jump out of stomach. And third – set plasma theme for something non-blackish.

I can say I have observed only one popular Plasma crash. It was when I’ve leaved my home desktop unlocked for doggie. He loves to play with mouse. He clicked with it like an wild masturbating monkey.

Finally – I’ve found The First Cool Usage For Plasmoids (TM). There is “Folder View” plasmoid as you can see on screenshot. With combination with The Dashboard (Ctrl+12) it really rules.

Of course there are some issues I’d like to see solved and/or polished:

  • Icons in systray. Icons aren’t sorted in columns. It’s using only one column for it. (latest build fixes it).And these icons are using ugly color fragments in background. There is a bugreport for it somewhere.
  • Task Panel. I like it vertical. And I’m talking about panels now! There is no minimal and maximal height of items in task panel. It’s ugly when tehre are only few apps opened and it’s unisable when there are lots of them. The bug is reported too.
  • Plasmoids code – I said myself: “you know Qt well, so why won’t you fix it youtself?” So… I’m so sexy for paintEvents obsession. Sorry guys.
  • Non functional webcamera. It’s working in KDE3. But when I run only one KDE4 app, it lost its abiliy to capture video. Dunno why.
  • No MDI window decoration in Oxygen theme. Fixed in latest build.
  • No kaffeine. OK, dragon player is cool but…You know… But Kaffeine is Kaffeine. They say they’re working on it. Can you do it faster, guys?
  • No kdesvn. Ol’ good KDE3 lives still.
  • I cannot force Kate to indent C++ code as it does in KDE3 version. And now I’m talking about auto curly-braces after e.g. if etc.
  • Amarok2. Well, it’s under developmen. Fine. It’s still playing music. Very well. But it’s growing into something Community2.0beta, if you can understand my feelings. I’d like to listen music grind core and more deadly sounds but playlist is hidden somewhere in the corner. So I asked for New Music Player Tender 2008. Some good people pointed me for Qmmp and JuK. And the winner is JuK – tadada! OK, it has horrible (read: I dont understand it) controlling, but it takes only bits of CPU (2%, Amarok 5%, Qmmp 10%). And it counts when there are running Oracle and Postgresql databases and some code compilations.

But you rocks, people of KDE. I did not believe KDE4 will be working one day. But the success is near.

Tired and bored? Take a rest then.

Do you know the feeling you don’t want to do anything? And when you touch something it gets screwed? Yes? So you now how I feel last weeks.

So there is quite no progress with my SW. Sad but true. OK, you can read a small article about joys of Scribus documents and enjoy the initial work of QStardict port on Windows.

Heh, it’s quite cool how many Linux/KDE apps I’m missing in the windows session. Hey guys, what about to speed up the KDE_on_Windows work? ;)

BTW did I said that Dan Swanö rules with his Nightingale? The perfect music for this mood.

That’s enough for now. Ten days long holiday is awaiting me… hmmm, sea food, tasty drinks, cycling…

Five Scrolls of TOra

Ha! It’s done. Tora is build-able natively in the Windows environment. Pretty Cool (TM). And it’s usable perfectly (in the case you like pre-pre-alpha software).

The best thing at all is this one — win master Christoph Kuemmel-Schulte did a perfect job with packaging TOra with all required libraries so it can be used for ODBC, MySQL, and PostgreSQL too. So long Toolkit for Oracle, welcome universal database client.

Perfectly tuned cmd.exe with TOra linking:
Perfectly tuned cmd.exe with TOra linking

TOra is running. Woohoo! It’s running natively (MSVC compiler):
TOra is running. Woohoo.

Strange GUI in X11

A ten-point-question for Qt gurus — have you ever seen this ugly behaviour?

Qt4 X11 GUI is messed…

Menu is crippled too

Menu is wrongly sized, fonts in lineedits is too small, tool tips are cut… And all others Qt4 apps are correct. Insane.

Time to start a brand new project…

The journey for the Best Sqlite tool in the world continues. Yes, I prepared SVN snapshot packages (cheers to buildservice team) for public testing yesterday. Look at homepage or e.g. But it is not the main topic today.

When I browsed to handle tarballs and some binary stuff (ghosh, it’s damn slow) I’ve found some new and strange projects — tons of new sqlite managers.

Woohoo, it looks like people are overfilled enough with writting DownloadLyricsFromFooBarSiteForAmarok 0.1 scripts (do you remember the age of “This is Yet Another Cool Text Editor I Wrote”?). Now they’re writting sqlite managers. OK, no problem — you know, concurrency and diversity is a good thing. Let me say only one sentence: “don’t you think, guys, you’re wasting time?”

I know you’re feeling cool writting OSS but it’s frustrating for me. Oh, sit down, an old man will tell you a story…

My sqlite manager started after weeks of testing all (ok, maybe not all but tons of them) available tools. I’ve selected one and patched it. And believe me I did not care about language or toolkit library. Unfortunately the original author did not accept these patches (he did not answer to be exact) so then I forked it. Do you see the word “then”?

It’s all about cooperation. Of course I cannot ban anybody to write any clone of SupaDupaSw or chose for example Python over C++ or whatever upside down. You can do what you want but we could be much farther together (doh, it sounds gay).

OK, it’s enough. Nevertheless I hope you can feel my despair.

Within this fragile mind
I am alone again
Me, myself and I
Echoes pounds my head
Shapeless forms everywhere

P.S.: Is there anybody experienced in Cmake, MSVC/MinGW and Oracle Client linking on Windows? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Resume: Optimistic moves

in dark frozen days…

It’s hard to promise anything but it looks like long awaited software projects (at least awaited by me) are getting closer next brave releases.


Weeks ago I installed some SVN snapshots of KDE4 into my office laptop. “What a disgusting crap?” I said to myself. There were things broken (and I mean all things).
You cannot imagine how I was suprised after one yast-update run. My fictional testing user can do common tasks in fully functional KDE4 session. And I can say KDE4 should kick ass — when it gets some time to stabilize all new features…

Things I’d like to have (TM):

  • An option to remove text from toolbar buttons. It’s ugly and it breaks layout with large texts. Period.
  • Bordered menu in Oxygen theme. I saw some bugreport for it.
  • Apps (I use regulary) with feature list filled at least 80% of its KDE3 older siblings.
  • Is there any “go up one level” button i Dolphin? No? It should be there. Definitely.

And last — the best thing in KDE4 is that all Qt apps I’m working on are starting pretty fast. And all of them are pretty integrated without any kdelibs inside etc. stuff.

The longest awaited image ot all:
KDE4 beta session running an exotic dark style. All apps — even non-KDE ones — are integrated.


The Qt4 porting continues. And the application is getting more and more usable. Andreas is doing great work. It must be great work because I don’t understand any line of his code. We should hire a bodyguard for him.
One insistent thought was born last week in my mind — we can do it. I had to listen more Tiamat songs to return myself to the right negative state of mind again.


Mad soldier Mike break it all. But it’s still compilable ;). And I’m using Qt4 ported (with Qt3support) version from last week for regular Oracle administration tasks with only small amount (but ugly) crashes.


Let’s be the 1.1 version feature-freezed now. Various new goodies has been done — data populator, data importers, editors, sql scripting support etc. Now it’s time for pack of releases for public testing and bugfixing.

Create test data in Sqliteman

There are some serious issues hard to fix. Some are in the Qt4 library itself (QSql bugs submitted) — some are my fault of course…
I wish one or more developers for this SW to make things move faster.

So good night pals. I’m facing the first x-mass party this year — the tomorrow’s hangover awaits me. To cleaning brain is mandatory.

Red Red Wine pt. II

Reboots are boring. Full OS virtualization is space consuming on my laptop. But creating snapshots of the SVN with fresh features is really good for feedback. I think so.

Well, from today I can serve my Qt apps from Wine/Linux environment. It was easy. Qt4 installer, MinGW installer, Cmake installer — all installed fine and everything is working without any issue. wineconsole --backend=user cmd is helpfull too.

So from today there is no need for rebooting, multiple SVN working directories. And the best point at all — today’s exe binaries for Windows are used by real XP/Vista people. With no reboot! (Did I said it before?)

Red red wine…

It’s quite interesting how are Qt apps really multiplatform. I’ve tested some night-builds of Sqliteman in Vista and XP. And the only thing I can say is that rebooting is boring (I know, I know — virtualization. But there are some serious reasons I cannot use it extensively on my office laptop).

OK, back to the topic.

I said myself: “what could happen when I run it in Wine?”

It runs, it works and it doesn’t crash. It counts.

Disclaimer: running my apps under wine is not required. You can use its native-built equivalents. You know, portable writting is easy. Sometimes.